Therapeutic Coaching

Are you a C-level executive, professional athlete, celebrity or another type of highly influential person?

Do you struggle with romantic relationships, leadership, moods, thoughts, sleep, finances, or the spiritual dimension of life?

Have you tried to get help but nothing has really worked?

People like you need results. You can’t wait for shifts over the course of years in therapy. You also can’t rely on standard coaches who can give lots of tips, but don’t have extensive training on the complexities of your psychology, behavior and the human life cycle.

That’s why I designed Therapeutic Coaching for individuals like you who need a way to overcome blocks in an accelerated fashion to master the aspects of your life that are currently holding you back.

With the amount of responsibility and pressure you carry, the demand for a higher level of life mastery is required.

It’s really common to feel super solid in one area of life such as your career and to privately feel like a mess in another area such as your relationship.

Some highly influential individuals have no problem earning money, but they have a psychological block that sabotages true wealth building and creates feelings of fear and insecurity.

No person is exempt from the foundational struggle of the human mind. Whether you suffer from very significant mood issues or other complex internal states, the mind and your emotions can either be your worst enemy or your greatest ally depending on how you relate to it.

Therapeutic Coaching is a specific form of mentorship and personal growth work. As a therapeutic coach, my priority is to help empower you to reach higher levels of your potential in your relationships, career, family life, finances, health and spirituality.

Imagine for a moment what your life could look like today if you experienced empowerment and thrived in all areas of your life…

If it’s romantic partnership that you struggle most with, imagine what it would be like to learn how to effectively communicate from your heart, repair arguments in hours instead of days, weeks, or months, deepen intimacy, and find a relationship you can joyfully stay in for the long-haul.

If it’s leadership or communication problems that plague you, maybe you often feel like you end up in a bit of a win-lose, or, worse, a lose-lose situation. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can achieve desired outcomes without creating huge divisions. You can stand your ground and unify the people around you along the way.

When you’re in the limelight of wealth and prosperity, it’s not uncommon to have a financial mess behind closed doors. Imagine how relieving it would feel instead to have complete gratitude for what you have and confidence that you mastered your financial psychology and behavior so you’re empowered to take care of yourself, the people who matter most, and the causes near and dear to your heart.

If you suffer with your own mind and emotions, no matter how complex and puzzling it might feel sometimes, for a moment tap into the potential of a clear, organized, healthy and nourishing internal experience. Life might look great on the outside, but it doesn’t mean anything if it feels terrible on the inside.

By using value-driven activities, perceptual balancing techniques, productivity exercises, communication maps, mindfulness-based practices, and accountability and feedback loops, we can achieve big results in a short amount of time. Your brain will literally rewire itself into a higher state of wellness and consciousness.

I have dedicated my entire adult life to personal development out of necessity. Over two decades ago, I had a massive life crisis. I was consumed by horrible amounts of agitation, insomnia, chronic illness, mental chaos, depression and relationship problems. Little did I realize it would become the impetus that led me on a personal and professional quest to evolve and facilitate healing in myself and others.

I have travelled far and wide in search of healers and traditions to help guide me in the process. I have studied psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, shamanism and eastern spirituality in search of answers. I’m formally trained as a psychotherapist and have attended countless personal development and coaching workshops, conferences, and meditation retreats in order to investigate the role that the mind and body play in human healing and potential.

My personal and professional exploration led me to specialize in relationship issues, mental vibrancy, leadership, communication and spiritual inquiries. As the owner of multiple companies, I also understand the rewards and complexities of entrepreneurship.

I primarily use Zoom or phone calls for Therapeutic Coaching so that you can access me discreetly from a distance. I’ve worked with people in different parts of the world dealing with a wide range of issues.

I’m very hands on when it comes to coaching. You will see my supportive, therapeutic training, but you will also see the ambitious coach that doesn’t hold anything back and will challenge you every step of the way. I will give you assignments at the end of our sessions so you can take immediate action and we will track your progress closely.

After working in different capacities over decades and seeing thousands of cases, I know everyone is capable of growth and transformation.

The recipe is simple: tap into your deepest desire for transformation and take full responsibility for your growth.

But, the path is not always easy…that’s why it’s essential to find the right guides along the way.

Please call or text 303-358-6259
or email for a consultation.

“My work with Keith was profoundly eye opening. I had worked with other business coaches but he was the first one who was also a trained therapist. The knowledge and insight he offered met me in a very deep place to get honest about how I hold myself back and struggle to relate to my business. He spoke my language and even provided new language. I would continue working with Keith any chance I got and I highly recommend you try him as well!”

“Hiring Keith has provided tremendous value to my business. Although I have owned my business for 12 years, I had hit a low point. I was feeling unmotivated, my practice had shrunk, I was unsure whether to move onto a new career. Keith has provided me with incredible support, marketing and networking ideas and mostly importantly, a renewed passion. In the past 8 month, my practice has quadrupled. I highly recommend his coaching services.”

“I knew when I decided to go into private practice that I was going to need a lot of help, and I am so grateful to have worked with Keith as a business coach. With his guidance I was able to build a full and thriving practice in under one year. With patience, flexibility, compassion, and understanding, Keith helped me gain awareness of my resistance to business growth and how to move through the challenges. I can honestly say that without Keith’s knowledge and guidance, I would not be where I am today! Thank you Keith!”

“Keith has a remarkable ability to sense and shed light on the most important issues of a situation. He also has a refreshing humility, easily admitting when he doesn’t know something.  He is a deeply skilled and completely trustworthy guide/therapist/healer.”

“Keith lovingly and courageously shares his deep intuition, awareness, and wisdom with those around him.  His boldness in expressing his truth even when it’s difficult creates ripples of healing and wholeness.   Keith is a powerful psychotherapist and healer who is giving his potent gifts to our world.  I highly recommend working with this man.”

“Anchored in deep psychotherapeutic knowledge, intensive mindfulness training, somatic psychology skills and unconventional courage, Keith Kurlander is an exceptional therapist. I have experienced his true and unwavering embrace of darkness and light within the human psyche as both needed sides to one complex manifestation. I highly recommend Keith around any issues you feel alone in or confused by.”

“Over the past few years I’ve referred many college students to Keith for counseling services. Each student I’ve referred has returned to me with very similar reviews of him. They say that he was able to help them significantly improve their mental state, manage their emotions, decrease their anxiety and increase their overall well-being. Given the consistently positive feedback I’ve received, when I see a student in need of counseling, I do not hesitate to refer them to Keith.”

“Keith is, without a doubt, one of the most sensitive, courageous, and powerful therapists I know.  He has finely-tuned radar for seeing through the story, getting to the essence, and knowing what to do with it to serve his client’s awareness and growth.”

“Keith’s compassionate and gentle nature, coupled with an endless curiosity and piercing insight, are just some of the gifts he brings to his work with clients. Through his trusted intuition and skills in mindfulness and somatic therapies, he is able to skillfully guide one to their inner truth, cutting through the stories and helping to experience what is real in the moment. As both friend and colleague, I’ve had the opportunity to witness Keith’s power in facilitating healing and transformation - I recommend him with great enthusiasm.”

“Keith Kurlander embodies transformation and is helping envision a new paradigm of healing and personal growth. He is a deep friend and an extremely talented therapist who is willing to go well beyond conventional means to help people find wholeness. Keith’s relentless self-exploration gives him all the more credibility to serve others in a genuine way.”

“Having sat in many close circles with Keith for many years, I feel a deep trust and respect for the kind of love and insightful connection to others that he embodies. His skillful ways of being sensitive yet direct, clear yet humble, and gentle yet powerful creates a cauldron of integration and transformation for those willing to explore their edges with him by their side.”

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