Are you looking for help with your relationship?

Do you feel like you’ve tried so many things and nothing works?

Are you worried you’re going to have to break up with another person?

Relationships are extremely stressful during the worst of times and fulfilling during the best of times. However, if you’re reading this it’s likely that your relationship is out of balance in some way and you spend too much time feeling like enemies and not enough time as best friends and lovers.

Overall divorce rates are high and marital satisfaction is low. We’re not typically taught how to thrive in a partnership. It’s a highly important skill set in life, yet one that is all too often overlooked. Most people choose to not get help with their relationship problems. And the ones that do receive help often feel as if they don’t see enough change.

The great news is that you can have a deeply fulfilling partnership if you receive the right type of guidance and get a great set of tools.

You know you’re struggling in your relationship if you identify with any of the following issues:

  • Your needs are consistently unmet
  • Constantly feeling hurt
  • Ineffective communication
  • Chronic fighting and yelling
  • A fundamental difference in values
  • Undisclosed infidelity
  • Spiritual conflicts
  • Imbalance between partners around personal development
  • Difficulty staying in long-term partnerships
  • Difficulty attracting a committed partner
  • Sexual problems

Relationship issues occur from a variety of sources. There can be communication barriers, problems carrying over from childhood, misperceptions, disconnection and intimacy issues, as well as traumas from the past.

I have spent over twenty years studying relationship dynamics personally and professionally. After too many failed relationships in my twenties, I knew I needed to figure out why I never felt like I had a solid partnership. I went on an intensive search for answers through self-study and my own therapy. Over time, I truly did find the answers I was looking for. It has allowed me to have a wonderful and thriving marriage. This process led to my passion for helping other couples in their process of fulfilment.

The first essential part of breaking unhealthy patterns so you can take a step toward a thriving partnership is having a consultation where I will listen to your struggles, identify a number of the sources of those patterns, and develop a clear and actionable plan to move forward.

In our first session, you will experience my comprehensive approach to couples counseling. I work very differently than most couples counselors. I am a guide, coach, therapist and interventionist. I’m very active in the session, helping you to quickly get at the ROOT cause of the struggle and how to overcome it. I can be supportive and, when necessary, quite challenging.

My clients report seeing changes after their first session. If you leave not feeling as if a change happened, in my mind, the session wasn’t very effective. Because I’m so passionate about couples living fulfilling lives, I show up to your sessions with vibrant energy and remain transparent with you about what I see so you’re not left feeling as if you’re still figuring most of it out on your own.