I firmly believe that every human being has the potential to heal and thrive. This belief has been a guiding principle for me on my own journey of healing and self-discovery.

My personal path started over twenty years ago at a time of an incredible crisis in my life. I was consumed by agitation, insomnia, chronic illness, shyness, mental chaos, and relationship problems. I was eventually diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder as well as a host of other issues. At first, I thought this was a life-long sentence. Little did I realize it would become the impetus that led me on a personal and spiritual quest for two decades in order to evolve and facilitate healing in myself and others.

I have travelled far and wide to many countries including India, Israel, Brazil, and Columbia in search of healers and traditions to help guide me in the process. I have studied psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, shamanism and eastern spirituality in search of answers. I have attended countless personal development workshops, conferences, and meditation retreats in order to investigate the role that the mind and body play in human healing and potential.