Are you stressed, panicked, and fidgety most of the day?

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night because your mind is racing?

Do you constantly worry about the future and things that are outside of your control?

Anxiety comes in many forms. Most people experience it from time-to-time. Typically, during a life transition a natural amount of anxiety occurs. This comes in the form of needing to plan more than usual and think through alternatives if things don’t work out. However, anxiety can also take over one’s life and not got away.

If you suffer from generalized anxiety, it will show up throughout your day in many different types of situations. You may feel scared and nervous when you’re in public, driving on the road, talking to coworkers and parenting your child. You may notice yourself spending less time socializing, and you may have a feeling of paranoia as if people are looking at you in a strange way.

There are more specific types of anxiety such as panic attacks that occur suddenly and with more intensity. If you’re having panic attacks you might find yourself with a sudden onset of difficulty breathing, feeling completely overwhelmed, unable to move, a racing heart rate, sweaty, and feeling as if you’re going to pass out.

You may also feel as if you’re simply too stressed out all the time. Maybe work feels too demanding or you can’t keep up with your home life. Sometimes trouble in a relationship feels too burdensome. Parenting is also a very common source of stress when you are not properly resourced.

Many people go through their life assuming their anxiety will never go away. They never considered that there is an alternative to this chronic form of suffering and life can be a whole lot better.

By addressing the root causes of your anxiety you can calm down your nervous system and live in a relaxed and vibrant state. Your mind will feel like an ally rather than an enemy. You can feel socially confident and calm when making big decisions. You can even sleep deeply and feel energized in the morning. This is all possible if you resolve the root causes of your anxiety.

Through a therapeutic process, we will identify the causes of anxiety in your life and work toward resolving them one-by-one. This may include an investigation into your lifestyle and overall health, core beliefs you have about yourself, your life purpose, any trauma from your past, and difficulties in your current relationships.

If you feel as if you’ve tried other things and nothing has worked, it means there’s a stone that has not be turned over. Just know that your natural state of being is relaxed and joyful. All it takes is the right type of support, guidance and healthy challenges to help you get there.