Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

Most people who find themselves on this website are struggling significantly in some area of their lives. Some of the most common issues that people seek support from me around are:

  • Stuck relationship dynamics without a clear path forward
  • Significant mood issue such as anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder
  • Personal, family or business financiation situations that are creating stress and overwhelm
  • Challenges related to chronic illness and/or complex PTSD
  • Addiction related issues
  • Business growth and development
  • Disconnection from a sense of meaning and life purpose

Maybe you’ve tried other things in the past for healing and personal development, but you’re not making the headway you want toward reaching your potential. I can relate. When I was diagnosed over twenty years ago with a serious mental health issue, I was catapulted on a journey looking for real solutions so I could get on with my life. Despite many failed attempts, I realized that without the proper guidance and effective support I was not going to see the results I so desperately longed for.

As a result of these challenges, I decided to dedicate my life to finding solutions for living a balanced and joyful life. After years of countless types of therapies, studying psychology and other healing traditions, I’ve overcome my mental and physical health issues and continue to reach higher levels of my personal human potential.

If you are struggling and in a dark place right now, I want to reassure you, there is a path forward. You can learn to feel calm, joyful and stable. You can reach your goals in your career, finances, relationships, health and spirituality. It’s completely possible to gain control over your life so it no longer has control over you. With the right guidance and support, and an effective plan, it is just a matter of making a choice and following through.