When it comes to emotions the mind can do funny things

The mind can make a mess of emotions or lead us to a sense of deeper fulfillment

Most people tend to carry around some version of a chronic “negative” emotion.  The emotion might show up every day for some, or come in cycles, or sporadically.  Some examples of chronic “negative” emotional experiences that clients discuss are boredom, depression, low motivation, sadness, irritability, low confidence, anger, loneliness, co-dependency, etc.  When a client comes into the office I often explore with them how they react to these emotions.  There are many types of internal reactions such as trying to push an emotion away. distracting oneself, absorption into it, hating it, wishing it would go away, pretending it’s not there, or feeling flooded by the energy of the emotion.

Strangely, our culture has trained us to somehow create a problem out of “negative” emotions, when really “negative” emotions might not actually be a problem in and of itself.  Emotions have a natural course of moving through the body and changing. They actually don’t tend to stay around very long when we are able to learn how to not react in certain ways to them.  Emotion can be thought of as energy in motion (e-motion).  Our mind has the capacity to redirect that energy, stop it, change it, and even cause it to stay.  Learning to be with the natural flow of emotion is kind of an art form, but it is also very simple.  In time a wide range of emotion that is naturally flowing becomes more fulfilling than troublesome.  The natural flow of emotions is really just an expression of our life force.  But if you are like me, it takes some practice to learn how to experience a wide range of emotion and feel the life force behind it.  It seems the default way with “negative” emotions was to make them a problem and sometimes even create a mess in our life because of them.  I think it is time for a new way of experiencing emotion.  A way that can include things that might appear at first to be troublesome, but really can lead to a deeper sense of liveliness.