The Process

The process that I facilitate includes a combination of body-centered, relational, experiential and contemplative forms of psychotherapy. I synthesize a number of traditions to allow for a uniquely tailored intervention for each individual or couple. I hold a space that respects your speed, direction and vulnerability. If I feel a strong challenge is needed, or some hard feedback, I will offer it. If I sense tenderness and softness is required, then I rest there.

Examples of different areas addressed by Transformational Psychotherapy:

  • Clear emotional scarring with awareness, physical movement techniques, and deep collaborative exploration
  • Discover open, relaxed, joyful, and potent aspects of your self
  • Resolve family of origin dynamics and formative “blueprints” that effect your work, school, and current relationships
  • Build upon authentic communication through challenging self-awareness and expressive exercises
  • Enhance your ability to experience depth and intimacy with others through relational experiments
  • Learn how to regulate the emotional nervous system to address moderate to extreme mental distress