Play goes a long way…

How the action of play heals

There’s a good reason children play with most of their waking time.  It is during play that they learn fine motor skills.  They use play to experience joy and to release emotions.  They learn how to connect with other children through playing.  They fantasize during play, which allows them to activate the creative centers in their mind.  Most of a child’s early years are about living, learning, and loving through play.  Sounds pretty nice actually…

We can learn a great deal from children.  Their incredible ability to play all day is really a blessing.  Adults live complicated lives.  All too often, we forget when to play and how to do it.  Some of our emotional and psychological traps really can be met with the simple action of play.

Here are some good questions to consider:

What do you like to do for fun and are you doing it enough?
How often do you play with your partner?
Are you playing for the sole reason of having fun?
Is some form of play apart of your daily routine?
What would it look like to expand the ways in which you play?
Is “playing” really only for children?