Couples Therapy

What if your relationship was a primary source of your personal evolution? It has been for me and for many of the people that I work with. Once an understanding is reached that relationship enhances growth rather than stifling it, personal fulfillment is typically met and the relationship can really blossom.

The process involves understanding that it is possible to move from…
disconnection, hiding, non-transparency, superficiality and protectiveness.

And into…

connection, intimacy, depth, teamwork, clarity, vulnerability.

Couples counseling creates an environment that allows you and your partner to experiment with new ways of being together while identifying patterns that have caused disharmony in your relationship.

Couples I work with tend to struggle with…

  • Communication
  • Sexuality
  • Jealousy
  • Intimacy
  • Quality time
  • Vision

I have found that through dialogue, communication coaching and experiential exercises you can make big breakthroughs in your relationship. But you have to be willing to go for it! If you are, so much is possible.

My techniques vary depending on your individual needs. Some couples literally need a coach. Someone who can get in there and teach them ways of talking with each other so they can be more “real”, vulnerable and authentic. Other couples need a challenge to help them shift patterns. For example, I might have you make eye contact with your partner and help you articulate what happens at that level of intimacy. Whereas other couples might need help in identifying childhood wounds that are causing problems in their current relationship and ways to feel safe to resolve those early imprints.

There is no prescription for couples therapy that works for everyone.  My goal is to find what works for you and to dive in.