Couples Counseling

Using Couples Counseling as a Way to Shift Problems into Major Opportunities

When I was in my early twenties, I remember thinking, “why do I have so many problems in relationship.  There must be something wrong with me, or with my partner.”  This is a very familiar framework that many people seem to have.  Over the course of many years, and a lot of my own personal work, I discovered that my framework was more of the issue than the perceived problem itself.

Dating, partnerships, and marriage can provide a vehicle into the fastest form of personal growth imaginable.  Our partners are mirrors into who we are, how we love, and how we pull back our love when we get scared.  Partnerships can show us where our unfinished wounds are from the past, how we have learned to do intimacy, and what motivates us at the core.  I think more often than not, the problems we are facing in relationships, excruciating at times, hold a key into evolving and learning how to love in an entirely new way.  When both parties are willing to step into growing together, the change that is possible in each person is extremely powerful.  It takes a lot of personal responsibility and commitment to seeking the truth about what is really going on.