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Need help with social fear?

Help for social fear is inside of you Research has shown that one of the most powerful forms of help for people with social fear is exposure; meaning, putting oneself into situations where you are exposed to people.  I’m not entirely convinced this is the most productive way of working with social fear, even if it produces the most results.  I do think that group therapy can be a powerful tool for people with social fear, especially when the facilitation is sensitive to the issue. Social fear seems to generally stem from the fear of exposure and rejection.  I’ve met a number of people who […]

Facing Fear

Is fear beneath a number of our problems? After working with many different people with a variety of struggles, often there is a commonality beneath the presenting issue.  That commonality is fear.  It is obviously not the only experience at the core of an issue, but for many it is something that is not being addressed.  We don’t always know when we are afraid.  It is not always a pounding heart and tense chest.  The brain has many mechanisms to help us disconnect from fear when it is too overwhelming, and it can then turn into an often deceptive form of suffering.  When fear is […]