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Depression and Anxiety Group

A NEW TYPE OF GROUP. FOR RADICAL TRANSFORMATION. In this eight week group, we will explore how to break through the traps of depression and anxiety.  By using the group process we can engage your stuck experiences and fears in a deeply safe and supportive way.  This group is a good fit for individuals determined to make a shift and to learn how to utilize each other for that purpose. You will have the opportunity to: Receive support and feedback around your depression/anxiety Develop a fresh perspective on your life Build connections with others Explore new ways of change through relational exercises, mindfulness techniques and […]

Social Anxiety Group

Heal the Fear.  Transform your Life. When: Mondays, 4:30-6:00 Duration: 12 weeks Start Date: TBD In this 12 week social anxiety group, we will harness the power of the group to support you in making big leaps in learning how to connect with other people  Utilizing therapeutic methods, body awareness exercises, group engagement, and other avenues we will help you identify the roots of social anxiety, and create a deeply supportive and safe container to experiment in connecting with others.  This group is best suited for individuals who struggle with one or more of the following:  socializing in group settings, fear in public,  social anxiety […]

Obsessive Thoughts

Learning how to tame obsessive thoughts Most people have had the experience of obsessive thoughts.  It can get triggered after a breakup, or after a death, or for a number of other reasons.  Some of us also have obsessive thinking that shows up for no specific reason.  The mind can take a life of its own, over and over intruding with thoughts usually about the past or future, with no end in sight. In some contemplative traditions they talk of this aspect of the mind as if it were a wild animal that needs to be domesticated.  The key to domestication, as with any animal, […]

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety takes hold for a reason… The Anxiety Disorder Association of America (ADAA) publishes statistics that nearly 18% of all adults in America have an anxiety disorder, and that it is the most common mental “illness” in America.  How is it that nearly a fifth of adults in this nation are suffering from a mental disorder?  I believe calling anxiety a mental illness is misleading.  We live in a very, very, very fast culture.  Moving from one task to the next, only to break long enough to check our news feed on facebook or the latest email.  Most of us are bombarded with stimuli nearly […]