I firmly believe in the innate power of healing that has guided me through my own process. My journey of healing and self-discovery started nearly twenty years ago at a time of an incredible crisis in my life. My own personal suffering with agitation, insomnia, chronic illness, shyness, shamanic states, and relationship problems led me at the age of 18 on a personal quest for two decades in order to evolve and facilitate healing in myself and others. In my late teens, I was catapulted into a spiritual awakening that has fueled my desires, passions and pursuits ever since. It has been an amazing journey even during the most stressful of times and problems. I have travelled long distances around the world in search of healers and traditions to help in the process.

Early on I was informed by yoga, psychiatry and psychotherapy. My first therapist was a psychiatrist. His approach was very conventional, which included talking it out for a couple of years and medication. Honestly, medication was necessary for me at that moment in time. It allowed me to regain a level of functionality that otherwise may not have happened. The years of talk therapy was helpful, but also relatively slow-going in many ways. Around the age of twenty-two, I became a certified massage therapist and worked in the field for a number of years. I was becoming more and more passionate about helping others in their pursuit of health and well-being and was seeing how each time I learned a new modality for helping others, I seemed to gain a healing within myself. I quickly found a yoga guru where I delved into the world of exploring the body as its own healer. This led me to becoming certified as a yoga instructor. I became fascinated with the intricate link between the body and mind. One thing led to the next and I found myself studying to be a psychotherapist in Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University. This was a very important phase of my own development where I understood how I bonded with others, how I protected myself and how much pain I felt in my relationships. A lot of healing and learning occurred at my years at Naropa. Many patterns that I was convinced I would never overcome transformed at that time.

After leaving, I started my private practice, which was also another important transition where I embarked into the heart of my career. It was in the first few years that I was able to work through my fears of failure after facing some actual failures. It taught me a level of resiliency I had not previously had. During my thirties, I was drawn into a number of shamanic traditions such as Brazilian Umbanda, Amazonian shamanism and more recently the cosmology and practices of the Dagara of Africa. I’ve learned a lot from these shamanic endeavors about where to exercise caution and how to recognize the brilliance inside each of us.

I met my wife just after graduating Naropa. She has been probably the most influential source of inspiration and love in my life. She has taught me how relationship is a vehicle for truth and evolution. Together we have been totally committed to our love and marriage and to playing as much as we can in the complexity of things.

I enjoy many of the Boulder activities such as hiking, skiing, drumming, guitar, or sitting around a fire together. I feel very blessed to be part of such an amazing community of friends and invited into the lives of their children and family.

What’s most important to know is that I suffer and have suffered great depths just as my clients. I have also experienced great successes as many of you have. I am someone who is willing to traverse your darkest hour with you, as well as your greatest moment. It’s important to know that learning to be comfortable with not knowing what’s happening is sometimes our greatest ally along the healing journey. Not knowing leaves space for something new to be revealed. In that fresh space we are able to evolve into the truest expression of who we are.

I hope to meet with you and see if I can be of service in what your are working with.