Addiction Recovery Groups in Boulder

A new type of addiction recovery group in Boulder

Alcohol Anonymous (AA/NA) helps so many people.  The 12 step approach works.  At least, it works for some.  But more and more I see clients who ask for another type of addiction recovery group in Boulder, or something that will supplement their 12 step work.  More and more people are wanting to explore their past addiction and current addictive tendencies as a call for growth rather than simply as a disease they will always suffer from.  They are wanting to see what is beneath the addiction on a psychological and spiritual level and wanting to discover the unique teaching that their addiction has to show them.

In the next few weeks I’m starting a new type of addiction group for people who are serious about the recovery process and want to dive deep together.  We will use the power of the group in a very direct and skillful way, along with many other methods of learning how to be with addictive tendencies-rather than constantly becoming them.  For more information please visit my groups page: